My name is Mauro Sandrini, passionate about teaching and neuroscience, I train and consult in several fields. My works are published on Springer and several Italian publishers. In the past I’ve been director of the Center for Innovation on Teaching of Teramo University, Italy. I blog about these topics on Il Fatto Quotidiano (one of the main online newspapers in Italy).

Who am I?

I have only one mission in my professional life:

Humanizing the online experience

I crossed 3 big chasms:

  1. The first dot com bubble (2000)
  2. The 2008 economic crash
  3. The Covid-19 outbreak

Every time I was fighting in the trench: seeing and pursuing the opportunities the crisis was opening. Sometimes barely surviving, others doing well or pretty well.

Not just “crossing the chasm” but transforming my battle scars into my best weapons to face the next one. And I was not alone.

BTW, while surviving, yeah, I got some degrees…
In engineering here, a PhD in sociology & economics here, and a master in psychotherapy & neuroscience here. Are these academic titles truly important?

They are only important in the same way the ingredients of your next cake are important. The answer is yes but the ingredients without the recipe do not make the cake.

Best results with the best satisfaction (or why the Rolling Stones were wrong)
You cannot survive any fight in your business or personal life without skilled friends in the fields you are battling in. Without a strong network of professionals and customers (that after a while become friends) I would be dead. Literally. These persons were fighting at my side and they loved to share what they know. Now, it’s my turn.

Your lost blood may help you survive your next challenge.

How? Using your own scars to learn and sharpen your weapons for your next fight. If you are in this process and want to talk to me about it feel free to drop an email here.

This Blog and this Newsletter
In every newsletter I’ll do my best to share what can be useful to fight your next human challenge online or offline. It will come from the skin in the game so it will not be an advertising thing. You will never see a single ad on this blog and newsletter.

It’s a negentropy enabling thing.

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